Commercial Litigation Antioch

The Williams Firm understands the importance using a lawyer when starting a new business, selling a new business, or changing a businesses formation. We offer more than twenty years of experience helping businesses navigate the complexities of business law. When you need a business formation attorney or start-up business attorney, turn to The Williams Firm. As a business transaction attorney, we understand the complexities of business transaction law and we guide clients through the intricate processes outlined by business formation law. We work with start-up business law and provide services such as business litigation and civil litigation and are an experienced corporate attorney.

Our experience working with business law is comprehensive. If you’re starting a new company, sole proprietorship, or an LLC, just give us a call. We help businesses throughout the East Bay Area understand their rights and obligations during business formations. We also work with unfair business practices and anti-competitive claims both for domestic and international law. We work with traditional types of businesses and nonprofit organizations to put in place the legal framework required by governmental code and to help protect you and your assets from legal issues.