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The Williams Firm works as a business transaction attorney when parties want to sell a business or when buying a business. When partnerships change, we represent parties as a business formation attorney. We help companies determine the correct formation either as a new start-up business attorney or through our deep knowledge of business transaction law. We work with business formation law on a daily basis and our expertise in start-up business law helps individuals set up a legal business entity correctly the first time.

The Williams Firm has over 10 years of experience working with business formation law, start-up business law, and business law. Our roles include that of a corporate attorney during business litigation and civil litigation. You can put our expertise to work for you by calling us at (925) 933-9800. We are conveniently located in Walnut Creek, but serve Antioch businesses and businesses throughout the East Bay Area. Call us today and take advantage of our free half an hour consultation. Our goal is always to help you make informed decisions that represent the best legal course for you and your business.