Copyright Attorney Berkeley

Businesses in Berkeley, California can take advantage of the local intellectual property law services offered by The Williams Firm. We are experienced not only in intellectual property law, but also in entertainment law and copyright law. When it comes to protecting your business’ assets we have the experience and expertise to help create a legal framework that protects your business interests, designs, trademarks, and copyrighted items.

We see firsthand what happens when businesses do not hire an entertainment attorney or a trademark attorney. We all remember the Blurred Lines lawsuit over copyright infringement. That case was settled for tens of millions of dollars. Intellectual property is a valuable commodity and businesses need to put in place the legal tools that protect their investments. Intellectual property is not just about the music industry. It involves businesses of all sizes and anyone who has an online presence. It’s really easy to take marketing or images and use them for another purpose, even though you don’t own the rights to those images or to those marketing details. If you’d like a personalized quote on what The Williams Firm can do for your company, just give us a call at (925) 933-9800.