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Danville Intellectual Property Attorney

Copyright Attorney Danville
The Williams Firm offers comprehensive intellectual property law and entertainment law services to businesses and individuals in Danville, California. We help to protect the things you develop whether that is a song, a tool, or a computer program. Intellectual property is in high demand by people who have low ethical standards. We read […]

Walnut Creek Business Attorney

Commercial Litigation Walnut Creek
For Walnut Creek entrepreneurs now is a great time to start a new business. We represent individuals and businesses as a corporate attorney throughout the business litigation and civil litigation processes. We have over two decades of experience working as a business transaction attorney, business formation attorney and especially as a start-up […]

Walnut Creek Real Estate Law

Real Estate Litigation Walnut Creek
The Williams Firm helps people and businesses navigate the comprehensive and confusing rules and regulations found in construction law. We are a group of four real estate attorneys who offer construction litigation and civil litigation to clients in Walnut Creek and throughout the East Bay Area. Our firm has been in […]

Walnut Creek Intellectual Property Attorney

Copyright Attorney Walnut Creek
Individuals and businesses throughout the Walnut Creek and East Bay Area can take advantage of the expertise of The Williams Firm who specializes in intellectual property law. We help people just like you handle issues involving copyright law, entertainment law, and have the experience to represent you as an entertainment attorney or […]

San Ramon Business Attorney

Commercial Litigation San Ramon
The Williams Firm offers expert legal services that include business law, business transaction law, and business formation law. Included in that is start-up business law. Our team has experience as a business transaction attorney, business formation attorney, and is an expert start-up business attorney. We began providing business law services in 1995 […]

San Ramon Real Estate Law

Real Estate Litigation San Ramon
The Williams Firm helps individuals and businesses in San Ramon with real estate law services. Our firm has been providing real estate law and legal services since 1995. We are a legal firm of four attorneys that offers a range of services including construction litigation and civil litigation. If you need […]

San Ramon Intellectual Property Attorney

Copyright Attorney San Ramon
The Williams Firm offers world-class legal services for businesses just like yours. Our specialty is intellectual property law and we serve businesses and individuals when they need an entertainment attorney or a trademark attorney.

Intellectual property is even more at risk these days thanks to the connectivity of the world. Hackers gain access […]

Antioch Business Attorney

Commercial Litigation Antioch
The Williams Firm understands the importance using a lawyer when starting a new business, selling a new business, or changing a businesses formation. We offer more than twenty years of experience helping businesses navigate the complexities of business law. When you need a business formation attorney or start-up business attorney, turn to The […]

Antioch Real Estate Law

Real Estate Litigation Antioch
The Williams Firm provides comprehensive, real estate law. Our real estate attorneys offer many services including construction litigation, civil litigation, and the interpretation of construction law. Our firm has a long history of being a client-centered legal firm that produces results based on our expertise and long experience working with real estate […]

Antioch Intellectual Property Attorney

Copyright Attorney Antioch
The Williams Firm works as a business transaction attorney when parties want to sell a business or when buying a business. When partnerships change, we represent parties as a business formation attorney. We help companies determine the correct formation either as a new start-up business attorney or through our deep knowledge of business […]