The Fair Housing Act

/The Fair Housing Act

The Fair Housing Act

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The Fair Housing Act
The prohibition against discrimination in housing is well-established in modern society. Yet, the Fair Housing Act (also referred to as Title VIII or the FHA), considered the most sweeping and authoritative federal law against housing discrimination, was passed only as recently as 1968. […]

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Types of Ownership
People own real estate either for residential or business purposes. The way in which legal title to real property is held can be extremely important to the approach people take when conducting their personal and professional affairs. In deciding who should hold title to […]

Entertainment Law

Northern California Entertainment Lawyers
Whether you are a movie or record producer, publisher, photographer, musician or actor, you need legal assistance from a good entertainment lawyer.

The entertainment attorneys of The Williams Firm can assist you with all of your legal needs concerning all aspects of entertainment law.

The Firm has extensive experience in all types of entertainment […]

Nonprofit Organizations and Entities

California Nonprofit Organizations and Entities
The Williams Firm’s nonprofit corporate attorneys provide advice and assistance to nonprofit organizations and entities. We have experience forming nonprofit corporations and assisting in the governance of nonprofit and tax exempt entities, including corporations and LLCs. If you are considering the formation of a nonprofit entity or have governance or maintenance […]

The Internet

California Internet Attorneys
The internet attorneys of The Williams Firm have significant experience and expertise in the acquisition and protection of intellectual property on the internet. The Firm represents a wide variety of traditional and high technology companies concerning internet matters. To consult an internet attorney contact our Walnut Creek office today.

The Firm has experience in […]

International Law

International Law
The International Law attorneys at The Williams Firm offer a broad range of legal services to businesses engaged in international commerce, including litigation and dispute resolution and transactional services especially in connection with those transactions that involve doing business in the United States or with U.S. companies. Our international law attorneys negotiate deals and […]

Start-up Businesses

California Start-up Businesses
Do you need to know how to start your own business? Starting a business can be a complicated process, making an experienced business attorney a necessity. The Williams Firm’s business and corporate attorneys specialize in representing start-up companies. The business and corporate attorneys of The Williams Firm have assisted numerous business start-ups in […]

Trademarks and Domain Names

Northern California Trademark and Domain Name Attorneys
The intellectual property attorneys of The Williams Firm can assist you with all of your legal needs concerning trademarks. Everyone from large corporations to individual businesses need to protect their brand and product names. Trademark registrations are an effective way to do so.

The intellectual property attorneys at The Firm […]

Unfair Business Practices – Anti-competitive Claims

California Unfair Business Practices Attorneys
The business litigation attorneys of The Williams Firm have substantial experience and expertise in representing clients in disputes and litigation involving anti-competitive behavior by competitors or former employees, shareholders, members, contractors or suppliers. To discuss your business’s legal needs, please contact a business law attorney at the Firm.

A business sometimes finds […]


San Francisco Bay Area Insurance Attorneys
Insurance policies can be difficult to understand, even by sophisticated individuals and business people. Yet, the seemingly impenetrable language of an insurance policy may determine whether or not you will survive financially after a devastating personal or business loss.

The insurance attorneys of The Williams Firm can not only help you […]