Commercial Litigation Danville

The Williams Firm helps individuals and businesses in Danville and throughout the East Bay Area set up businesses, change businesses structures, and sell businesses under the complexities of business transaction law, business formation law, and start-up business law. We bring over twenty years of service and experience as a corporate attorney, business transaction attorney, and business formation attorney. We represent businesses of all sizes during business litigation and civil litigation.

As a start-up business attorney, we help individuals form legal entities such as corporations, LLC’s, and sole proprietorships. Our vast experience offers complete expertise in domestic and international law and for traditional businesses as well as nonprofit organizations. We work with unfair business practices and anti-competitive claims, both through business litigation and civil litigation. If you would like more information about how The Williams Firm can help you or your business overcome legal obstacles or to fully understand your legal rights, just give us a call at (925) 933-9800. We offer a free half hour consultation, which is enough time to walk you through the process of what is needed for you to create a legal entity to protect you.