Copyright Attorney Dublin

Does your company have intellectual property that is not protected by copyright law or trademark law? Sometimes it’s confusing to know what hold a copyright or trademark. The Williams Firm helps individuals and businesses, just like you to answer those questions. We provide intellectual property law advice and services from our entertainment attorney and trademark attorney. We put in place a legal set of protections that help you keep your assets, artwork, and entertainment work fully protected.

We see examples of breach of entertainment law every day within the music industry. Singer-songwriters have dominated the news with copyright infringement suits. Intellectual property law goes beyond the entertainment industry and into the business world. It costs a lot of money to develop products and procedures that help a company compete with its competitors. It’s not uncommon for key employees to be hired away by a competing company simply because they possess insider intellectual knowledge. We help businesses like yours to protect their investments while still allowing employees, the freedom to do their jobs. If you’d like more information on how intellectual property law impacts your business. Just give us a call. We are happy to set up a consultation that is specific to your company.