Real Estate Litigation Dublin

The Williams Firm works with individuals and the Dublin business community and clients throughout the East Bay Area to provide comprehensive construction litigation, civil litigation, and cases that require real estate attorney. We began our practice in 1995 and have since grown into a construction law firm that helps with real estate transactions for people who are selling or buying a property, building, or business. The strength of our services revolves around our deep understanding of the real estate settlement procedures act and our expertise in real estate finance and lending law.

Our services for construction law involve construction defects and soil defects as well as construction litigation. We work with individuals, businesses, and corporations to explain the legal options for each case that we take. Because every case is different, we offer a one-half hour consultation which is not only free of charge but provides enough information for each client to make an informed decision about how to proceed with their legal case. If you would like more information about how our services work, or to customize a review of your legal case, just call us at (925) 933-9800.