Copyright Attorney Livermore

The Williams Firm provides intellectual property law services to companies in Livermore, throughout the East Bay Area, and into the Tri-Valley Area. Intellectual property law covers entertainment law and copyright law and where applicable trademark law. We provide comprehensive legal services that are backed by experience. Even small businesses and sole proprietorships should use an intellectual property law attorney. What we do is help you protect your assets, product or service design, and tangible artwork such as music, lyrics, and visuals such as videos or photography.

Companies use a trademark attorney or an entertainment attorney to accurately fill out and submit copyright and trademark forms. We also help write disclosures and notices for online work, such as an online portfolio or a video portfolio. Theft of intellectual property is common. There are examples of it every day from the music industry and from the corporate business world. Industrial espionage is a real thing. Setting up a legal framework that protects your rights and your assets is part of handling business. We make our processes easy. For a personalized quote, call us today.