Real Estate Litigation Oakland

For people in Oakland who need a real estate attorney, The Williams Firm provides comprehensive real estate legal services including construction law, civil litigation, and construction litigation. We have been serving the residents and businesses of the East San Francisco Bay Area since 1995. During that time we have grown into a specialty law firm with a deep understanding of real estate law, the real estate settlement procedures act, and the laws that govern real estate financing and lending.

We offer comprehensive civil litigation and the collection of debts and loans to both individuals and businesses. Our real estate lawyers handle all aspects of real estate transactions including the selling or purchase of a property. We represent individuals and businesses during civil litigation cases that include defects in construction and soil. Our service begins with a free consultation that lasts for half an hour. During that time we go over the details of the case and provide a legal opinion about the validity of legal issues that involve your case. It is always our goal that each of our clients is informed about their legal rights so that they can make an informed decision about their legal options.