Copyright Attorney Pleasanton

Intellectual property law helps individuals and businesses of all sizes protect their product designs, unique service offerings, and the copyrighted work. Every day in the news, we read about incidents that involve a trademark attorney or an entertainment attorney who is filing suit because somebody has stolen or used without permission someone else’s content that is copyrighted or trademarked. Sometimes the process is accidental and in many cases it’s intentional. The Williams Firm provides legal expertise for intellectual property law to businesses just like yours and those throughout the entire East Bay Area.

We specialize in entertainment law and copyright law and we work with individuals, small businesses, corporations, and megacorporations. The goal is simple. We work with you to develop a legal protection system that helps keep your work safe. In cases like those that appear in the music industry, where people have copied other people’s songs, it becomes a matter of proving that the two products are the same or share similarities. However, intellectual property law is not just about music or the theft of a song. It involves employees leaving a company and going to a competitor. It involves industrial espionage and other breaches of legal conduct. We help you protect your investment in your products, services, and assets. Call The Williams Firm today for a free quote or to set up a consultation.