Commercial Litigation San Ramon

The Williams Firm offers expert legal services that include business law, business transaction law, and business formation law. Included in that is start-up business law. Our team has experience as a business transaction attorney, business formation attorney, and is an expert start-up business attorney. We began providing business law services in 1995 and have vast experiences in business litigation, as a corporate attorney, and with civil litigation.

We make the process of starting a business or selling a business easy. In addition, we help existing businesses change their formation structure so that they legally comply with business formation law. Our goal is always that each client understands their legal position so that they can make informed decisions about their legal rights. Business law is complex and sometimes confusing. This is why we specialize in so many aspects of business law. Our vast experience as a corporate attorney helps us to smoothly navigate civil litigation and business litigation so that your legal rights are always enforced. We also help defend you in the case of business litigation by making sure that your legal structure is complete and secure.