Copyright Attorney San Ramon

The Williams Firm offers world-class legal services for businesses just like yours. Our specialty is intellectual property law and we serve businesses and individuals when they need an entertainment attorney or a trademark attorney.

Intellectual property is even more at risk these days thanks to the connectivity of the world. Hackers gain access to all kinds of data and sometimes hacking is more deliberate than it is accidental. Corporate espionage is not limited to Hollywood movies. It happens every day. We help to build the protective legal network that includes both entertainment law and copyright law. Competitive companies try to hire away key employees from businesses that outperform or who have more advanced product design, contracts, or service offering. We help you protect what is yours even if an employee with insider knowledge takes a position with your biggest competitor. We also help to protect you from accidental copycat cases. Our experience as trademark lawyers helps ensure that your original ideas are protected by trademark law. If you would like a personalized quote for our services, just give us a call. Our professional legal team is ready to provide you with outstanding and comprehensive legal service.