California Unfair Business Practices Attorneys

The business litigation attorneys of The Williams Firm have substantial experience and expertise in representing clients in disputes and litigation involving anti-competitive behavior by competitors or former employees, shareholders, members, contractors or suppliers. To discuss your business’s legal needs, please contact a business law attorney at the Firm.

A business sometimes finds itself under attack by a person who has left the company to start or join a competing business. The loss of income can be substantial if there has been misappropriation of trade secrets, disclosure of confidential information, infringement of intellectual property rights, and raiding of employees.


The Firm represents and advises business clients in the areas of litigation, arbitration, mediation and alternative dispute resolution in collection matters. Their legal services in collection matters include:

  • Debt collection litigation and dispute resolution in all courts, government hearings and mediations
  • Collection of promissory notes, loans and debts – both secured and unsecured debts and loans
  • Pursuing pre-judgment remedies including receiverships, writs of attachment, writs of possession and injunctions
  • Entry and enforcement of sister state judgments from other states
  • Breach of contract and contract disputes of all kinds
  • Remedies involving mixed collateral of real and personal property or cross-collateralization of multiple properties
  • Accountings of sums owed
  • Representation of lenders and borrowers regarding lender liability claims, judicial foreclosure and non-judicial foreclosure
  • Appointment of receivers over properties and businesses
  • Pursuit of mechanic’s lien, stop notices and performance, payment, and Miller Act bond claims in construction cases
  • Collection and enforcement of judgments against judgment debtors
  • Advising and representing clients regarding the foreclosure of personal property collateral under security agreements
  • Advising clients in commercial foreclosure and lawsuits regarding their possible deficiency liability
  • Representing personal guarantors of debts
  • Collection of rent from tenants under leases

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In addition to business collection matter s, the business attorneys of The Williams Firm represent clients in other business law areas, including business litigation, intellectual property, and business organizations and transactions.

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In the event such a dispute arises, The Williams Firm will provide the skill needed to protect your business operations and your bottom line.

Time is of the essence when seeking to stop unfair business practices. Please don’t hesitate to seek the legal representation you need to remedy the situation.

The Firm represents and advises clients in the following areas:

  • All aspects of business litigation and dispute resolution in courts, government hearings, arbitrations and mediations
  • Disputes and litigation concerning the confidentiality of trade secrets and the enforcement of non-disclosure and confidentiality agreements
  • Misappropriation of trade secrets
  • Anti-competitive conduct engaged in by competitors
  • The raiding of employees by a competitor
  • Breaches of fiduciary duties and misappropriations of funds by officers, directors, shareholders, managers or members of your business
  • Business torts, fraud and unfair business practices
  • Enforcement of confidentiality agreements and policy manuals against employees and others
  • Infringement claims concerning domain names, trademarks, copyrights and other intellectual property matters
  • False designation of origin under the Lanham Act
  • Seeking injunctions, declaratory relief and other equitable relief
  • Violations of covenants not to compete (also called non-compete agreements)

Are Your Intellectual Property Rights in Danger?

Anti-competitive claims often include intellectual property matters. The Williams Firm has extensive experience handling all types of intellectual property matters, including those involving trademarks and domain names.

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