Copyright Attorney Walnut Creek

Individuals and businesses throughout the Walnut Creek and East Bay Area can take advantage of the expertise of The Williams Firm who specializes in intellectual property law. We help people just like you handle issues involving copyright law, entertainment law, and have the experience to represent you as an entertainment attorney or as a trademark attorney.

We help businesses and sole proprietors protect their design and development projects by writing trademark applications or by defending a trademark. Our highly qualified team has experience in many areas of law. We work with clients across a wide array of industries including entertainers. Recent cases that highlight why our services are important may include any of a number of legal cases that surround copyright infringement within the music industry. Who stole which song? There are a lot of those cases ongoing. There are other incidents which also come to play. We help you protect your business’s development ideas from employees and competitors. If you have questions about what our team can do for us, just give us a call. We can set up a consultation and deliver a personalized quote for your legal needs.